Monday, 2 February 2015

Makeup haul!

Last week I went on a little shopping spree with my friend Emma. After having a really busy week in college for mock week I really needed to de-stress and makeup shopping is definitely one way to do so!

The first place we went to was the poundshop in search of any bargains we could find and we did drop lucky. I managed to pick up two of the Rimmel Glameyes Single Eyeshadows to go along with the 4 I had previously. The shades I picked up were Azure 330 which is a really pretty baby blue and Night Jewel 300 which is a dark grey and I'll definitely be putting together a Beauty Bargains post on these soon. I also found a Rimmel Stay Glossy Lipgloss in Non Stop Glamour 120, which is a lovely sparkly nude shade which will be perfect for an everyday, fresh faced look or on top of other lipsticks for a more put together look. I also managed to pick up a white Calvin Klein Creme Eyeshadow in bare silk, I bought one in a brown shade a few months ago and have loved using it as a base for my eyeshadows especially with a darker eye makeup looks so I thought this shade would be a great base for a lighter eye makeup look.


Next we stopped off in Boots and I picked up a few things that I have been after for quite a few months now but had never got round to buying. I picked up two of the Baby Lips Dr Rescue in Too Cool and Pink Me Up as they were on buy one get one half price. I've already given these a little try and they are so much more hydrating compared to the original range. I also picked up two of the Natural Collection Lipsticks in Raspberry and Pink Mallow as I know these are the two shades that everyone talks about so I wanted to give them a go myself especially because they are only £1.99. When you bought 2 things from natural collection you got a free Natural Collection Tinted Lip Balm so i got the shade Caribbean Crush which is something that I probably wouldn't have bought on my own but I am slightly obsessed with lip balms so I'm excited to give this a go. I've seen so many people rave about the Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in Eastend Snob 063 and I've really gotten into wearing lip liners lately so I felt like this was a must to try out. The Last thing I got was the L'Oreal True Match Foundation (which I forgot to picture because I started using it and then it ended up in my everyday makeup draw instead of my blogging draw, oops) I just couldn't resist trying this out and so far I have been absolutely loving it. I usually find it really hard to find a foundation that truley matches my natural skin colour because I'm so pale but this one is definitely the closest I've got. I also had a few pounds of this as I had a voucher so it was around £8 instead of £10 which makes it even better.

While in Primark I gave the P.S I love.. makeup range a quick look over to see if there were any other products that I wanted to try out. I've previously tried out some of the range but thought their products were really hit and miss but when I spotted this lipliner for £1 I had to give it a go as it's one of the only things I haven't tried out yet so I'm hoping this is a hidden gem in the mix. I got a browny nude shade in 01 and it feels surprisingly really creamy so I'm excited to try this out.

I couldn't go out on a shopping spree and come home without another MAC lipstick so after swatching a few shades in the shop my friend Emma helped me pick out the shade Speedial. I really wanted to get a natural everyday lip shade and this is a cremesheen so it'll be really glossy and perfect for that natural look.

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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Primark P.S.Love Makeup Range

After watching Becca Rose's video on the primark makeup range I just had to go out and buy some of the products to try out for myself.

Some of the products I bought where:
8 Shade Day Eyeshadow Palette- From what I could see Primark have two eyeshadow palettes, a day and a night one. I bought the day palette as it included more shades that I would normally go for, it includes 8 shades: 6 shimmer and 2 Matte. The first thing that drew me towards this palette was the colour selection as I knew that I would get my wear out of every single one of the shades. The first four shades would create a lovely natural pink shimmery eye whereas the last four shades would create a really natural smokey eye. The palette includes a mid tone brown which looks perfect in the crease and works well as a transition shade if you're going for a bolder look. It also includes the essential shimmery white shade for highlighting the in corners of the eye. A big plus of the palette is that it includes a massive mirror which is perfect for touching up makeup on the go or for travelling. The palette costs £2.50 so it's really inexpensive so it's perfect for anyone on a budget. I've tried this palette out a few times and I do think that it's really good for the price however its not a palette that I will instinctively reach for. Some of shadows are slightly chalky and they do need some extra blending but on days where I have a little more time in a morning this doesn't become that much of a problem but I have found it easier to reach for other palettes. I think this would be a perfect first palette and definitely something to look into if your new to eye makeup.

Matte Long Last Lipsticks- I picked up two shades from their matte lip collection including a red and a bright pink. I actually really like the gold packaging of these lipstick as it gives the feel that they're most expensive then they actually are and at £1.50 each these are a real bargain. Before trying these out my expectations were really low, I assumed they'd flake and stick to dry patches and that they'd be fading 5 minutes aftrer applying but these lipsticks did the complete opposite. I wore the red one a couple of times over the Christmas period and It actually lasted really well. The pink one was a lot more vibrant than I first thought which has meant that it is less wearable but I'll keep trying to find a way to wear this. The only downfall of these lipsticks are the smell and unfortunately I find it quite hard to look past it which is why I won't be buying any more shades which is really sad because these lipsticks really are great for the money.
3D Shine Lipgloss Berry 61- I would say these are a lot more like lip laquer's than a lip gloss as the consistency is really thick. These have similar packaging to the lipsticks with the gold lid and writing up the tube which I think is a really nice touch.The main difference between the two lip products is the smell. The lipglosses smell so much better than the lipsticks which is a major plus in my opinion. The shade I picked up was a beautiful berry shade which looks great in the wintery months. The only thing I didn't like about this product was the applicator as it made it really hard to apply the lipgloss without getting it outside of my lips but when it was applied it looked amazing. The colour is really bold and really glossy without being too sticky so the pros of the product definitely outweigh the cons.
Liquid Lipstick Berry 08- I also bought the liquid lipstick in the colour berry and there is very little difference between the lipgloss and the liquid lipstick. They both have that same annoying applicator and the consistency is pretty much the same so I probably wouldn't of bought both the lipgloss and the liquid lipstick if I'd known how similar they were. The only difference is that the liquid lipstick is a slightly lighter shade of purple so if I'm not in a bold purple lip mood the liquid lipstick is a better choice.

Lip pencil 01-This is a newer purchase compared to the other 5 products as I only picked this up the last time I was in Primark but after giving it a little swatch in the shop I had to have it especially cause it was only £1. It was really creamy so glided on easily which means that it shouldn't tug on the lips when applying it and the colour was definitely something I was lacking in my collection. I got it in the shade 01 which is a pinky brown which will be perfect for recreating that 90's lip look that's on completely on trend.

Have you tried out any of the Primark Makeup Range, Do you think it's a hit or a miss?

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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Charlotte Tilbury Very Victoria Lipstick!

I finally caved and bought my first Charlotte Tilbury lipstick, after lusting over all things CT the past few months I just couldn't resist any longer. I must admit what completely sold me was the name-Very Victoria, of course being a Victoria myself I just had to have this as it felt very appropriate especially for my first purchase. At £23 a lipstick these do not come cheap but you certainly get everything you pay for. From the packaging to the scent everything about the CT range is perfect. 
First things first, the rose gold packaging is just to die for! It was another reason as to why I couldn't resist having one for my ever growing lipstick collection. The ribbed packaging and the stamp of CT approval on the lid adds to the luxurious appearance and the product inside is equally as perfect. I absolutely love when I open up a new lip product and it's vanilla scented so for me I couldn't have got a more perfect scent. Very Victoria is from the matte revolution range and is the perfect color for recreating the true suede, taupe 90's nude lip look that is completely on trend at the minute.
Charlotte Tilbury ticked all the boxes for the perfect lipstick, the name, scent, packaging, color and most of all the long lasting effect. My Charlotte Tilbury wishlist just got a whole lot longer.

Have you tried anything Charlotte Tilbury?

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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The Revolution Primer Edit

Recently I've become obsessed with trying out new primers to try and get the most out of my makeup throughout the day. The Revolution stand is the first place I head to when in Superdrug so over the past few weeks I've tried out their face and eye primer.

Ultra Face Base Primer-A face primer is essential in my makeup routine as I want my makeup to look as best as possible after long days of college as it did when I first applied it in the morning. This was a primer that I picked up a few weeks ago for £5 and so far I've been loving it. This primer is silicone based and seamlessly blends into nothing on the skin which makes it very lightweight. Compared to other primers in my collection it matches the job they do and keeps my makeup in place for as long as possible. I just apply a small amount into the areas that get worn away quickest and blend it out using my fingers. As well as making my makeup last longer it also helps make my foundation application easy and flawless and when applied all over the face it creates a super smooth base. This makes it a lot easier to blend foundation on top and it helps to avoid clogging up pores and clinging to dry patches.

Focus and Fix Eye Primer- This primer has been in my collection for a little bit longer so it's had a lot more use. This is the eye primer that I reach for most because it does exactly what I want it too and it's only £2.50! They come in three shades: original, matte and brightening. I have the brightening one and I apply just a small dab of this onto the lid and blend out with my fingers before appling eyeshadows and my eye makeup seems to last twice as long. As well as prolonging the wear this makes my eyeshadow look more intense especially when wearing metallic eyeshadows, Even though I reach for this pretty much everyday I still seem a long way from finishing the tube but when I do this will definitely be a repurchase.

I've recently bought the Revolution Pro Fix Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray to see if that could keep my makeup in place for the day so I'll be putting a review together on that as soon as I've tried it out.

Are primer's something you use often, if so which is your favourite? What are your favourtie Revolution products?

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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Collection Little Mix Makeup Range

For so long I've been wanting to try out the Collection's Little Mix Range and for Christmas I got the Eyeshaodw palette and the lipstick collection. Their range has been very popular since it was launched which has made the products pretty hard to get a hold of otherwise I'd have picked up some products sooner. I love the collab between Collection and Little Mix as they've definitely made their products affordable for their audience who may be on a budget.

All about the eyes palette £2.99- This is the perfect little eyeshdow palette that I think everyone needs to have in their collection. The lightest shade is a slightly shimmery highlight shade called Feather(1) which would be perfect for brightening the inner corner or used on the brow bone. The next three shades Sunkissed(2), Golden Sand(3) and Dazzling Brown(4) are more shimmery, bronze shades that would look perfect all over the lid especially the first two for a really bright eye makeup look. The fifth shade in the palette is called Cocoa Dream(5) and I think this would look perfect in the outer corner of the eye to deepen and make a smokier look or it could be mixed with Dazzling Brown(4) for a lighter corner look. Finally the last shade in the palette is the dark black called Blackbrid(6) which could be used for liner or to further deepen the outer corner of the eye. The only downfall of this palette is that there are no completely matte shades which I feel is essential in any eye makeup look even if just for transition but apart from that I love this palette and it's definitely one you can play around with to create a few different looks. The eyeshaodws are very pigmented especially the black shade which means they still look amazing without priming the eyes and they blend super easy so I definitely wouldn't hesitate to buy the palette especially with the price!

Lipsticks £2.99
Jade-This lipstick has been on my Nude lipstick wishlist for so long now and I was desperate to get my hands on it but everytime I went to try a buy this in Superdrug there were never any left! It's the perfect everyday lipstick and is very much a 'your lips but better' shade. I can already tell that this is going to be a favourite lipstick of mine as I'm already reaching for it a lot because it goes with every makeup look.
Jesy- I have a lot of red lipsticks in my collection but I don't have any quite like this shade. Jesy's is a super pigmented bright red lip which will be perfect for in the summer time and definitely makes a statement.
Leigh-anne-This lisptick is more my kind of red lipstick shade as its deeper, glamourous red. This shade is definitely easier to pull off and you can still make a statement with this lipstick without being too in your face.
Perrie-This was the shade that I really wasn't sure how to pull off at first because it's a pastel purple shade but after trying it on it quickly became my favourite of the collection. Although it can look a little scary in the tube it's actually really easy to wear and I definitely don't have another lipstick like this.

I love the colour range of this lipstick range becsuase there is definitely something for everyone but the only downfall is that they don't last very long on the lips so you do have to keep topping them up throughout the day in order to sustain the look but that's something that really doesn't bother me. 

Have you tried out any of the Little Mix Makeup Range? What are your favourtie products?

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Monday, 5 January 2015

Real Techniques Sam's Pics First Impressions

I've been a massive fan of the real techniques brushes since I started wearing makeup so when I got this limited edition set for Christmas which included some brushes that I hadn't tried out and some of my old favourites I was really excited to start using them.
The set includes 4 face brushes and 2 eye brushes:
Multi tasking brush- This is one of my favourites in the set and one of the brushes that I previously hadn't tried out. It's the perfect shape for dusting bronzer,powder and blusher over the face. It's a slightly smaller brush compared with the powder one so its easier to create a more precise look especially when using bronzer.
Setting brush- I've been after a brush this size for a long time now and it fits perfectly into the areas around the eye so it's been perfect for blending concealer and setting powder over top.
Buffing brush-I love that this brush is in the set because they don't sell it on it's own! I've been after a second one of these brushes since I got the first in the Core Collection so that I could have a back up. Especially because my original on is my most used and needs cleaning the most frequently.
Foundation brush-This is another brush that I already had from the Core Collection but it's a brush that I love using for blending in concealer or for correcting mistakes.
Essential Crease brush-This was a brush that I didn't already have in my collection but I'm so glad it is now, It fits into the crease perfectly and blends eyeshadow easily and was a brush I was definitely lacking in my collection.
Liner brush-This brush is great for any type of eyeliner, especially gel eyeliner as it makes it so easy to apply and creates a natural looking line.

My next real techniques purchase will most definitely be for the new Bold Metals Collection, although they are on the more pricier side the stunning packaging makes them totally worth it!

What are your favourite Real Techniques brushes? What will be your next Real Techniques purchase?

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*Bold Metals picture taken from Google Images*

W7- Honeycomb Blusher + 10 out of 10 Palette

W7 seems to be a brand that's popping up everywhere and I definitely think that it'll be hitting off in 2015. This brand is perfect for anyone starting out in makeup or anyone on a budget. You definitely get more than what you bargain for with their products because they're so inexpensive but such good quality. B&M, T J Hughes and T K Max are all places that I've seen W7 stocked in so there are plenty of places to take a look at some of their products. I even think they stock it in ASDA.
The Honey Queen Honeycomb blusher £4.95-This is my favourite of the two products and it's a definite dupe for the Benefit blush boxes but so much cheaper! It's a beautiful shade with amazing pay off on the skin, this is a blush that I have been absolutely loving and has been a staple in my makeup routine throughout December! Included in the box was a super soft blush applicator so for anyone new to makeup it makes it very easy to apply. I've been loving using this brush for a bolder contoured look.
The 10 out of 10 palette £2.99(selected stores)-This 10 shade palette provides everything you'll need to create the perfect brown eyed makeup look. With both warm, cool, shimmer and matte tone shades it gives you many opportuniteis to create different eyeshadow looks. Although these are not the best eyeshadows that I've used they are still very good quality for their price. They blend easy but to get the best pay off you may need an eyeshadow primer underneath but they are definitely still worth the money. This would be a perfect first palette as the shades are all neutral so you can't really go wrong. You could even try out some of these shades to fill out your brows.

I'll definitely be looking out for more W7 products to try out in the future because these two really excelled my expectations.

Have you tried out any W7 products, What did you think?

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